Notice on the Collection of Dissertations in 2019


The collection of dissertations of Lanzhou University will start soon. In addition to all Ph.D. and M.A. graduates,the undergraduates whose dissertations are rated as excellent are requested to submit their dissertations to the library within the given time after passing the dissertation defense this year.

Notes for dissertation submission

1. All Ph.D., M.A. graduates and the graduates whose dissertation is rated as excellent should submit dissertation.

2. The dissertation submitted by you must be a paper that has passed the final reply.

3. You need to submit one electronic and one paper dissertation each; the electronic dissertation must be in PDF format. The content of the two dissertations must be consistent, and the "original statement" page of the dissertation must contain the information such as bar code.

4. The electronic version of dissertations should be submitted remotely, and both campus network and off campus network can be used.

The website:

Please click “Dissertation Submission”. Your login account and the password are student IC numbers. After filling in personal information, you can start to submit your dissertation.

5. The electronic dissertation examination will be finished in 3 working days. After passing the examination, please bring the paper version of your dissertation to Room 211 of the Library on Panxuan Road Campus, and sign the dissertation authorization.

Remarks: The library does not provide electronic dissertation submission service, please submit remotely.

Date of submission: from May 6th to June 30th, 2019

Hours: from Monday to Friday 8:30a.m--12:10a.m;


Address:Room 211 of library on Panxuan Road Campus